Selling Beats Like Top Producer (Ebook)

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Want to take your beat business to the next level?

Are you frustrated with uploading beats and not getting any sales?

That’s EXACTLY why you need this Selling Beats Like A Top Producer eBook!

Inside this eBook, you will find all the information, tips, and strategies you need to effectively sell beats such as a step by step guide to my exact techniques from 7 years of success,

how to get massive traffic to your beat store, and how to utilize the power of Instagram/Social Media to get more sales.

Here’s what you’ll discover when you take the first step to boosting your Beat marketing profits and purchase this ebook:
  • Discover How to get massive traffic to your beatstore
  • Learn the Power of Instagram / social media and how to utilize its full potential
  • Learn the right mindset and how to use it
  • You get a step by step guide to the techniques i have collected over the last 13 years
  • Learn how you can earn extra income and get more attention with your beats
  • In this ebook everything is to the point from the creation of your own logo to your first beat sale and more sales
  • I will show you my successes and my mistakes of the last years
  • In more than 120 pages you will be taken by the hand and supported in your business
  • Scale your business indefinitely
  • 24/7 Lifetime support for all owners of this book
  • 14 Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Instant Download After Purchase
  • And much more!

It shows you a way to earn a solid and profitable up to 5 - 6 figures income.

I will provide you with the guidance you need to generate a solid income with your business and to develop yourself personally.

I share with you my strategies, experiences, successes and failures.


1. The Ebook (Selling Beats like a Top Producer)

"Selling Beats like Top Producer Ebook"consists of over 120 pages of concentrated knowledge from researched sources as well as my own experience from over 13 years.

Step by step you will rebuild your beat business, reach your goal faster, achieve a solid passive income, learn more about beat marketing and grow as a person. 

2. The Template (Selling Beats like  Top Producer/ YouTube Description Template)

"YouTube Description Template" the Pdf template explains the correct structure of your videos on YouTube. You will learn why it is so important that the title, the description and the tags have to be a unit to be better seen and grow on YouTube, the template also contains 3 description templates and 300 relevant beat tags for YouTube. An absolute must to get your videos under control on YouTube!

3. Selling Beats On Instagram 2.0

"Selling Beats On Instagram producer course includes new tips and hack to grow your instagram account and find your audience as a music producer.




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