How To Sell Your Beats Secret Guide 2023 (pdf)

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You've been on the grind for a LONG time and your progress is WAY too slow...?? 
If you don't follow the right path, you might end up not making it...
This Secret Guide for Music Producers teach you how to make money from selling your beats online, Want to know how to make extra income and earn more exposure from your beats? Selling your beats online has emerged as a viable new way for Hip Hop and R&B producers to make a career from their work.

Forget the ‘Summer Sales’, ‘Easter Sales’, ‘4th of July Sales’, ‘Christmas Sales’ and ‘Your Grandmother’s 85th Birthday Sale’.

This Secret Guide will change your vision of selling beats and your whole life if you follow the instructions STEP by STEP !!

In this Ultimate Step by Step PDF Guide you will discover :

1) What is the best strategy you need to now for selling beats on Instagram

2) What time and day is better to post 

3) How to search for the right audience 

4) How to grow your instagram account 

5) Software, Secrets Hack/Both and Website you need to use to sell beats and grow your brand in auto mode.

6) How to Use Paid Marketing Ads ( Google/Facebook/Instagram )

7) Top Producers Hack & Secrets revealed

They say it is not possible to make a full-time income as an online producer...
We strictly disagree.. We able to make full-time passive income from beats.. .
If we can do it YOU can just need the right strategies to market yourself like a brand..

If you want to turn your passion into a full-time passive income that will allow you to travel the world and provide you freedom so let us teach you all the secrets that nobody wants to share..

It’s no secret that the beat selling industry is an oversaturated market. With all the competition, it has never been more important to make your mark in this industry.

The quality of your music is just as important as your qualities as a businessman and marketer.

In our niche, we have to share our target audience with thousands of other producers. So you better make sure you stand out from the pack.

The famous quote: “Where words fail, music speaks” won’t get you really far here.

The personal touch you can add can make the difference between pushing artists away or pulling artists closer to you..

Whenever an artist is in need of beats, YOU should be the first person that crosses their mind. If you’re not putting in your best effort to become that person, you will have a hard time standing out from your competition.

Some of my best customers spent more than $1,000 on my beats. And I’m not talking about exclusive rights. I’m talking about customers that have placed $30-140 orders over and over again.

I have never met these people in person. Most of them, I have never had an actual conversation with. We never spoke on the phone or on Facebook or Instagram direct messenger. We only communicated via email.

However, after a few weeks, I knew more about these people than I knew about any new follower on my Instagram account.

The key to every successful business is knowing and understanding your target audience.

What’s on their mind? What are their goals? What are they struggling with?

To finally be able to answer the most important question: How can you help them?


That's exactly what we been told for many years..they didnt want us to succeed 
They put us down countless times..

And yet HERE We are making hundreds per day selling beats online..


We can definitely help you to take your beats to another level if you are ready to take action today!

Since you're a serious producer, I know one thing....

Aren't you tired of spending hours making beats only to have no one to sell them to?

Are you tired of being ignored even though you have fire beats?

Do you want to get your music out there and be heard?

If this sounds like you, then I promise, what you see in this PDF, can quite possibly transform your life forever, if you take action!

I used to be in your shoes...

hungry to succeed and I didn't know where to start!

After YEARS of grinding, I finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together,
and figured out a SYSTEM that kept new artists coming in like clockwork!

My online Producers Blueprint Secret Course teaches you exactly HOW To Make Money Selling Your Beats faster than you thought possible!



One day or day ONE? You get to decide..

Keep it grinding guys!


Chris (Producer Goat)